Sports Nutrition

As an athlete, you spend so much of your time focusing on all the physical aspects of your training such as building strength, speed, and stamina. However, nutrition plays just as large of a role in your athletic performance as all of the physical aspects of training. If you aren’t taking the time to improve your nutritional status, you may be holding yourself back as an athlete. Our dietitians will work with you to show you exactly what you need to do to:

  • Fuel your body before and after a training session
  • Reach your nutritional peak at game day for optimal performance
  • How to balance healthy nutrition when traveling for your sport
  • Effectively hydrate for peak performance
Our Sports Nutrition Package offers:
  • A complete initial nutrition assessment
  • Three follow up visits (which will be spaced out according to your needs and goals)
    • BONUS! Additional testing services such as genetic testing, food sensitivity testing, or metabolism testing can be added on to any package at a 20% discount

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