Are you looking to take control of your health and weight from the comfort of your own home? Then you’re in luck! We now offer 24/7 access to our online learning academy where you can build your knowledge, stay motivated, and most importantly, see fast results.

Online Learning Academy

Erin launched her online learning academy in 2015 to meet the demand of individuals who want 24/7 information and support, but may be too busy or unable to travel to a physical office location for individualized instruction. Currently "30 Days to a Healthier Heart & Lower Blood Pressure" is open for enrollment. For a limited time, you can sign up and receive 50% off the enrollment cost! Click here for more information on this exciting, online course that will help you to lose weight and improve overall health.

Structured LIVE Teleclasses and Webinars

Boost your nutrition knowledge and work on behavior changes in a group setting from the comfort of your own home with structured teleclasses and webinars throughout the year. This Summer the 1st ever 'Maximize Your Metabolism' BootCamp was launched offering 4 weeks of LIVE online instruction by Erin. Although enrollment is now closed, make sure to subscribe to our free newsletter to find out when this bootcamp may be offered again along with other upcoming, exciting classes and events.

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